Ordering FAQ


How soon do you ship on receiving on-line orders?

VibraCool is available at Amazon.  If ordering an XL unit on our online site at Buzzyhelps.com, we ship the next business day, USPS or priority mail. 

How can I order VibraCool?

VibraCool is available here, from Amazon, and Weldricks Pharmacy.


Yes. If your purchasing department needs it, download our W-9. Email or fax us a purchase orders@mmjlabs.com or fax to 404-963-5075.

For larger hospitals we give a 10% discount when you buy 100+, and 5% discount when you buy 50. 


We're a big practice. Can we have a free sample?

We'll refund your money if you are not completely satisfied with VibraCool. It is reusable, cleanable and affordable. We're really going out of the normal world of medical devices making it both reasonably priced and over the counter, so if the cost is too much for your practice to try, direct patients to our website.

What are your payment terms?

All payments are at the time of purchase, except for hospitals who get net 30 days. **Individual VibraCool Warranty is not valid when used in a hospital or clinic** 

Do you ship internationally?

Click for a list of distributors.

For UK orders, check out Weldricks Pharmacy.

For India orders, check out Veltosa.