Hospital FAQ


Does each patient need an individual VibraCool? 

VibraCool comes with non-woven "softies" wings that can not be shared between patients. Replacement wings can be ordered.  Using one for each patient eliminates risk of germ transmission, and is cost-effective compared to creams after 5 sites/uses. This approach is being used for immunocompromised patients and those with chronic illnesses and pain. VibraCool and the multipatient blue gel wings should be sterilized with a Saniwipe after each use. For a patient with MRSA, we recommend attaching the Blue Gel Wings to VibraCool, then putting the VibraCool + Wings into a bag for extra protection.



Can I reuse VibraCool?

Yes, if it is wiped down with a hospital grade cleansing wipe between patients and the wings are not shared.


While using the ice packs as warm packs will absorb vibration, if a lower back or stiff muscle feels better, you can warm the packs in a baggie in warm water.  Heat doesn't stimulate the C fibers or descending inhibitory control pain relief, so it may not be as effective.


VibraCool without cold is only 40% of the total numbing. Even though it's extra effort, using the cold pack absolutely adds the majority of the numbing. Unless there is a sensitivity to cold, Raynaud's or sickle cell disease.  They MUST be frozen solid for best effect and attached to the area with the hands free strap.