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VibraCool for Neck Pain

VibraCool for Knee and IT Band Pain

VibraCool for Ankle Pain

VibraCool for Carpal Tunnel


Physical therapy

The anti-inflammatory effects of ice and high frequency low amplitude vibration work together to relieve pain and keep muscles moving. Simply attach VibraCool® with the hands free strap (included) to the extremity.  Use vibration alone for 10 minutes immediately prior to workouts to relieve delayed onset muscle soreness.  Use ice and vibration together once to twice daily as prescribed by your physical therapist for decrease of pain, muscle recovery, or during therapy to reduce pain.  Golf wrist, tennis elbow, bowling strain pain, all are great reasons to VibraCool®.



Using cool to make an injury feel better is as old as ice itself. Instead of icing alone, add high frequency vibration to massage better blood flow near your injury.  For overuse injuries, one study showed pain relief was improved more with 20 minute twice daily use compared to 10 minute increments.  Each ice pack lasts 10 minutes when fully frozen.



Overuse injuries and arthritis in joints are treated using the ice pack and vibration.  Simply take the ice pack from the freezer, attach to the back of the VibraCool® unit, activate vibration and leave in place 10 - 20 minutes.

Training recovery

Prior to exercise, wake up the muscles with high frequency vibration alone. After exercise, instead of just icing extremities, add vibration and ice together by using the VibraCool® unit.  See bibliography under "How it Works" for partial list of successful clinical trials of vibration alone. To relieve pain, ice and vibration together have been proven extensively for our Buzzy needle pain product as seen in the bibliography here.


Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

Place the ice pack ON TOP of VibraCool® rather than through the attachment band, then activate as usual.  One study found that twice a day use for 10-20 minutes decreased pain by half, increasing pain free days.  Pain relief was proportional to duration of use. For additional relief, do stretching exercises of the calf and foot with VibraCool® in place.