Simple Serious Relief

Created by a physician, VibraCool® is a clinically proven, FDA 510K cleared device indicated to treat myofascial pain.  VibraCool® temporarily relieves muscle aches and injuries on contact. Two physiologic pain relievers -  high frequency vibration and ice - combine to combat pain. Vibration massages muscles while improving blood flow, ice decreases pain, swelling, and inflammation.  

Together, ice and vibration have physiologic synergy.

Awards and recognition:

VibraCool® technology pairs a concave, palm sized unit with specially designed ice packs that freeze solid and attach securely to the device.  Place VibraCool® directly where it hurts, temporarily relieving joint pain, general aches and injuries.  High frequency vibration adds effectiveness to medical or sports training icing.  For athletes, use the unit with vibration only prior to a workout to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, then VibraCool® with ice wings 10-20 minutes following training.

New studies show high frequency vibration relieves pain after surgery (Am J Sports Med 2015 43: 2774), promotes healing, and decreases pain. (Pain.  2003; 105:425-435) In addition to decreasing inflammation, applying cold to relieve pain is as old as ice itself.

VibraCool® uses an innovative combination which curved to fit on running injuries like shin splints or plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel pain, or elbows. It can be secured with the hands-free strap (included) around aching knees, elbows, ankles or wrists. 

To decrease delayed onset muscle soreness, use vibration 10 minutes before working out, then use ice and vibration after to enhance recovery.  For a normal injury or athletic icing routine, use VibraCool® Cool-Pulse™ technology to buzz it better. 

Testimonials are enthusiastic!


"Good tool for runners to have as pre- and post-run pain and recovery treatments… It made a huge difference for us."

- I. Mello

“VibraCool® gave me the first day after my knee surgery that I didn’t need pain meds!”

— Alisha P.

"I have been using it on my foot for plantar fasciitis. I am a big fan of Buzzy for needles and thought that I would try this. It really helps!" 

- Dr. Nancie